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Chinese has been a lot easier then last year. Because I came in the middle of last year it was hard for me to learn at the same pace. But now, since I started the year in the same class I have been able to learn a lot more, and easier. Although I think I had a better teacher last year my new teacher has been okay. The reason she is okay isn't really here fault. But she has to get real serious all the time and sometimes she even has to yell, which affects my learning. But over all I think I have learned a lot more this year.

Art this year has been a roller coaster, lets put it at that. I have really liked some parts such as the Great Ape Portraits. But I haven't liked everything. My teacher sometimes gets very strict and takes up a lot of our time explaining and then expects us to get our work done in a smaller time. Sometimes that irradiates me but other times she can be really nice.

Music has also had it's up and downs. I really like when we play the xylophones because I find them very easy to play and they make great music. Although I don't really like Music Ace 2 because we have partners and we have to switch off on the computer, and so my partner and I really never get a chance to finish a lesson. But when we play the xylophones I really like music.

P.E. has always been the best subject for me. Because I find myself a better athlete then student. I think most the units we have done such as project adventure and basketball have been fun, but I haven't really liked the stretching we have done lately, because they are very awkward to me. Although I really hope to get better at the touch my toes thing that we do for our fitness test. I hope to do this by strectching more often. But as I said before P.E. is my favorite subject.

Counseling has been very different this year then last year. Usually we learned about bullying and got to do role plays. But know it is kind of weird. For an example today all we did was learn about our brain and if we were right hand or left hand dominate. I just like learning about the bullying things and then doing role plays on what we learned.

This is how I feel about my specials this year.

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