Writing Self Assessment

1. What do I notice about myself as a writer as I read through my work?

I notice that I use a lot of detail. I also notice that all my good pieces come from my cabin. Most of my stories are not action filled and I don't make try to be action filled. I just want them to be a good story with detail.

2. How have I changed as a writer so far?

So far this year I have changed by using better descriptive words. Mr.Daw has also told me to cut down on the I's so I will try hard on that.

3. What are three things I do well as a writer?

I use a lot of detail.

I am good at starting and ending the story.

I am also good at setting the setting up the beginning of the story.

4. What are some things I want to get stronger at as a writer?

Well I want to stop using as many I's. I would also try to work on using a wide range of settings in the story. I want to get better at connecting each sentence to each other.

5. What is my favorite piece, and what are the things I love about it?

I have a number of favorite story's and they all are different. The only thing that I notice is that they are all at my cabin. I think the two best ones I have done is one poem called Early Birds. My best two story's are, Koko Lake, and The Roaring Of The Crowd.

The thing I love about Early Birds is that it is a nice soft short poem. It uses a lot of detail but not to much. My favorite line from it is, Our feet press against the soil "SSSHHH" we look up. Loons in their spot lake, perfect, crystal clear, almost glass.

I love Koko Lake because it is a day that I will never forget. Secondly because I had so much fun that day and I put it all in the narrative using detail. It is a story that I will never forget with a heart warming dog in it too.

I loved The Roaring Of The Crowd because it was my first football game and my cousin Kasie and I were in for a treat. The crwod was wild most of the game and so were we. I liked this story because it is a great memory of my first football game too.

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