Writing= ice cream. but editing=blah

Writing: I like to write because it is fun. It is also the one and only subject that I can tell about my life and express my feelings. In writing this year I hope to get better at revising and word chose. I love to write and type my writing. For writing last year I wrote a lot about my cabin in the states and I think it was because I was kind of home sick. This year I hope to become a great writer and I have already wrote a couple pieces from my cabin. I use memories from my cabin for writing because I think that I can really express my feelings, and tell about my many adventures that I have had. For an example for the letter I wrote to Mr. Daw I wrote about my friend Ben and I when we went fishing.

Editing: The only part of writing that I would say I dislike is the editing stage. I know that it is really important that I learn how to be a great editor even though I don't think it is that fun. The reason I don't really like editing is that you don't really write.

That is why I love to write but so much editing.

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